This project grew from the search for a better, more efficient burner for a gas forge that I had. I found instructions for the construction for this Venturi burner on the Tharwa Valley Forge website. Their construction is straight forward and very easy. As you'll see from the short video, they also work extremely well. The only change I have made from the original was to use 1" diameter pipe not ¾" and to upsize the concentric reducer accordingly, 2" - 1". Everything else remains the same.

Once the burners were made, I made three originally. I decided to make my own furnace body. This was made from an old, empty LPG gas bottle.

A note of caution here, please make sure the bottle is drained and thoroughly clean before you attempt to cut it in any way. I have included only a few pictures to give you an idea of how the furnace body is constructed. As you can see from the pictures the furnace body was originally designed to work with two burners, but they produced so much heat I couldn't work in front of it comfortably. So I had to reduce it to a one burner forge. The little blower at the front blows cold air through the thin nozzle in front of the forge opening and makes working in front of it more comfortable.

To view video of new forge and other videos please click here.