The Oni is a modern interpretation of a Japanese Osoraku style tanto, it has a cutting edge made from L-3, 52100 which has been layered between 1075+Cr, 15n20, pure nickel and then etched in coffee to bring out the contrast in it's striking pattern. This knife has a blade length of 152mm, an overall length of 290mm and is just over 4mm thick on the spine. The handle is wrapped in Japanese silk Ito over white Samigawa and two Kongosho menuki. The sheath is a wet moulded leather pancake style dyed black with black Kydex rivets and is mounted to your belt with a Spyderco G-clip.

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  • L-3 52100 high carbon tool steel
  • Japanese silk Ito
  • Kongo sho menuki
  • White samigawa, ray skin
  • Coffee etch

Knife Type

  • Hunting
  • Warrior
  • Camping
  • Kitchen