Japanese style folding knives


Japanese style folding knives

These friction folding knives have handles made from 2mm thick copper which has been filed and chiselled to resemble bamboo then had liver of sulphur applied to the surface to give an aged patina. The blades are made from Hitachi white paper steel, 85mm long, just under 3mm thick on the spine and have a bamboo theme filed into the spine. Overall length of the knife when closed including the blade opener is 140mm, overall length of knife when open is 195mm. They come with a custom made leather pouch sheath to carry them on your belt.

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  • The blades for these folding knives are hand forged from 3mm Shiro 2 Hitachi white paper steel
  • The bodies of this style of Japanese folding knife is made from 2mm thick copper

Knife Type

  • Folding
  • Hunting
  • Camping
  • Kitchen