1750's French trappers folder


1750's French trappers folder

The blade and external back spring on this 1750's French trappers style friction folder are forged from EN43 medium carbon spring steel. The length of the blade is 100mm and 3mm thick at the spine. The handle is Sambar stag antler. Open length is 240mm, closed is 140mm. The steel saddle has planished sides, a plum brown finish and is topped off with a brass rose. The brass butt cap is filed to match the antler and is fitted to the end of the tine by a central gun blued steel screw. The cap also has 4 x 1.6 mm gun blued steel pins set around it's circumference.

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  • The blade is hand forged from EN43 medium carbon spring steel
  • The handle is made from a beautiful piece of Sambar stag antler

Knife Type

  • Folding
  • Hunting
  • Camping