San Antonio D-guard Bowie


San Antonio D-guard Bowie

The blade for this D-guard Bowie is made from W-1 high carbon tool steel. The blade is 283mm long, 44mm wide and just over 5mm thick on the spine which has vine file work along its edge. There's a clay quenched temper line along its cutting edge and a Spanish notch at the heel. The overall length of the knife is 430mm just a tad over 17" long. There are three coined nickel silver spacers and a gun blued wrought iron bolster which has been filed around its circumference. The two sections of the gun blued carbon steel D-guard have vine file work on their outside edges rising up to a clam shell on the top. At the bottom of the guard one side pierces the other connecting the two with a forged finial. The back piece of the guard is filed to match the outside of the Sambar stag and is held in place by a gun blued carbon steel finial nut.

The hand stitched leather Mexican belt loop style sheath is dyed mahogany brown and black with a front panel of python skin. There are a multitude of small round rivets around the sheath and frog as well as leather lacing, a brass patterned conch shell with brass cones, beads and horsehair tassels. This piece also comes with its own custom made display stand. Please contact me for price and availability.


  • The blade on this knife is made from W-1 high carbon tool steel which sports a clay quenched Hamon
  • The D-guard is made in two sections with one piercing and folding back on the other
  • The handle is made from a lovely piece of dyed Sambar stag
  • The knife comes in hand stitched leather Mexican belt loop sheath

Knife Type

  • Bowie
  • Hunting
  • Camping