Brut De Forge Bowie.


Brut De Forge Bowie.

This Brut De Forge Bowie has an 8" blade, it is 1¾" inches wide, 12⅝" inches long and just under ¼ inch thick on the spine. The dove tailed bolsters are carbon steel and gun blued. The stabilised curly maple scales have black fibre liners, are dove tailed to match the bolsters and are fixed to the tapered tang with six gun blued pins and one mosaic pin. The sheath is lined leather and covered in rawhide and has five brass dots on the throat flap. The rawhide has been dyed and roughed up to look worn. If you would like a knife of similar spec's, please contact me for price and availabilty.


  • 8" blade
  • 1¾" inches wide
  • 12⅝" inches long
  • ¼ inch thick on the spine

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