The new Oyabun series of chef's knives

This new series of chef's knives are called the Oyabun, which is the name given to a Yakuza boss and these will certainly be the boss of any task you perform in the kitchen. They will be a standard style and size and will come with the same shaped handles. The core blade steel will be 26C3, which is a very pure high carbon tool steel which is capable of taking and holding a very fine and sharp edge. The outer cheeks are made from mild steel and pure nickel and the blade has been treated to a long coffee etch which makes the nickel pop, blackens the core and gives the whole blade that dark colour. The handle material on the ones shown is black dyed and stabilised Norwegian oak from Raffir. Stabilising the wood makes it more robust and gives it greater resistance to moisture ingress. The handle shape will stay the same on these knives as will the use of a stabilsed hardwood.

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