Tecumseh Bowie

The blade for this Bowie is made from medium carbon spring steel. It has a blade length of 225mm, is 46mm wide at the start of the clip, is 6mm thick on the spine and has an overall length of 395mm. The spine has fancy file work running from the ricasso to the start of the false clip and the blade has been acid washed to produce an antique effect. There are three coined nickel silver spacers seperating the wrought iron S-shaped handguard and the wrought iron bolster. The wrought iron bolster has been forge welded from four seperate pieces with three fine layers of pure nickel in between. 

The antler handle is made from a fallow stag crown which has been dyed and has a decorative stone placed into the crown and surrounded by a copper wire frame. The native American style sheath has a rawhide wrapped outer surface over a wet formed leather interior. It is adorned with five danglers with padre beads, metal beads and finished with horse hair filled brass cones. There is a flint knapped arrow head stitched at the mouth of the sheath and an aged deer skin fringe all long one edge.

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Tags: Dyed fallow stag antler handle, medium carbon spring steel blade, Wrought iron handguard and bolster, Rawhide wrapped native American style sheath, Coined nickel silver spacers

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