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Some of my past and recent work.

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To open up click on the first image and to move to the second click "Next" or to go back "Prev" on the top left/right of the photo. To close the larger pictures click "Close" at the bottom. Information about each knife is found at the bottom of each photo. We had to split the page as the gallery was getting rather large. To see the other types click Gallery on the menu.

Custom Commissions

The Shrike The Shrike The Shrike

The Nomad The Nomad The Wood Walker

The Wood Walker The Wood Walker The Wood Walker

The VanguardThe VanguardThe Vanguard

The BowiedThe BowieThe Bowie

The WolverineThe WolverineThe Wolverine

The RoninThe RoninThe Ronin

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Click here to see the fine detail in a number of larger photos. Please be patient as these are very large photos and could take some time to load.

Ordering a Knife:
How to buy a knife from me.

I do not have a running catalogue with price list; this is not a typical catalogue web site.  The knives posted in the Gallery above are repeatable designs and the price for each design is for the basic model offered.  Stone pockets, fire steel and handle material will alter the final price. If you would like the blade of your knife mirror polished this will cost £100 on top of the basic price of the knife.
All the knives I make are bespoke custom designs, made to order.  You may see a pattern or style of knife you are interested in, or you may have a specific design of your own.
Please contact me with your design requirements and general details.  Once we have finalised your order and you are agreeable, you make a GB£50 deposit (per knife). 

When the project is complete, I will calculate the shipping, you pay the balance with shipping costs and your knife will be dispatched to you.
Since all my knives and their sheaths' are handmade, waiting time is approximately 3 to 6 months. I dedicate a lot of time to create each piece, and I operate on a first come, first served basis. However, should time frames change, I will contact you.
When your blade requires sharpening; if you return it to me, covering 2 way shipping costs, I will sharpen your blade at no extra charge to you.

PDF of this and other information.

Steve Nowacki

“A hundred years cannot repair a moments loss of honour.”

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